What we Do?

At Kinasmart we act, always, in complete resonance with our clients.
We study, develop, manufacture and install equipment specifically designed for product presentation at the point of sale, displaying it ergonomically and appealingly to the end customer.


We complement our range of products by producing and installing bespoken solutions:

  • Furniture and displays for stores and other commercial facilities.
  • Customer flow and guidance systems.
  • Any other equipment that your project may require.

Our products excel in quality and attention to detail, ensuring commercial and operational excellence - Therefore, enabling the end customer to enjoy commercial facilities in a comfortable and pleasant way.

Our detail is your success

Technological Development

We rely on the latest development and production technologies to guarantee the most suitable solution for each project.

Specialized team

We are a dynamic and motivated team, with a vocation for innovation. We exist to transform your vision into reality.

360° Support

From the initial idea, to the development and final installation, you can count on the full support from our team.